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Speaking English fluently is not everyone’s cup of tea. It involves huge amount of dedication, hours-and-hours of practice, and right education to understand the language at its core. Bright Future offers great Spoken English classes in Faridkot, Punjab and help students to learn the language, not just rules.

At Bright Future, we will help you to learn and speak English properly and fluently. Regardless of your age, we will assist you to improve your hold on the language and will make you confident to communicate with others without hesitation. You can either be a newbie who wants to learn English or you are a student, executive or a House-wife, we have all the right English speaking courses for you.


  • Effective English Speaking
  • Understanding Verbs and Tenses
  • Using Easy Yet Effective English Words
  • Practice of Tongue Twisters
  • Written Vs Spoken English
  • Thinking in English Instead of Your Local Language
  • Become an Effective Communicator


With the guidance of our faculty members, you will be confident enough in your own abilities to communicate smoothly in public places, with your friends, during shopping, at professional meetings, telephonic conversation, at movie theaters etc.


If you have your basics of the language cleared and want to further improve your command on the language while speaking or need to improve your sentence structuring, we have also just the right tools to help you.


Our objective is to make to self-reliant when it comes to the situations where you have to deal with professionals in the English language. After the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Frame grammatically correct sentences in English
  • Fluently speak English in any situation
  • Express yourself in groups of people confidently
  • Able to present your thoughts more effectively
  • Participate at higher levels in Group Discussions and meetings
  • Present yourself more confidently in personal interviews
  • Speak in Neutral Accent and also pick-up UK/US Accent
  • Communicate and express ideas, suggestions, analysis in Business English using latest vocabulary and Corporate English
  • Deliver effective presentations and enhance the quality of content in e-mails

English Language is regarded as one of the toughest second languages. However, with proper guidance and right communication, you can accelerate your English learning abilities and can present yourself at the world-stage, without ever doubting your English abilities.

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Bright Future is India's leading education consultant that undertakes student's recruitment from India for its 450+ Institution.

Our professional and focused counselling staff will make your visa process smooth to increase the chances of acceptance. We make a positive reputation among students and their parents because of our quality services.

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