English is an international language. Spoken English includes speaking, grammar rules, pronunciation, fluency, and many other activities. English communication skills help people to excel in their academics and ultimately in their career and future life. There are many reasons why people are not able to communicate in English Language in our country. The most common reason is that they are afraid of doing a mistake or they think others who know English better than them will make their fun.

There are three levels:

Basic : Student under this level are taught about the basic sentence structure , grammar , confidence build-up and they are also told personality development tips.Some students are given customized classes as per their requirements.Students from basic level are promoted to the intermediate level.
Intermediate : The main focus is on improving communication skills , Advanced Grammar , fluency and pronunciation. The students are engaged in many other activities to boost their confidence level and overall personality development .
Advance : Students under this level are acquainted with different accents , improved pitch and tone , controlling their rate of speech etc. Grammar is a part & parcel of each and every stage of language but customized as per the level of students.

Many different practices are followed to refine your speaking skills:

Amend your English by:
-> Reading English books, newspapers and magazines.
-> Watching English news, TV shows, movies, preferably with subtitles.
-> Speaking English as much as possible. Interacting with a person who has a good hold on English language.

In our classroom we do:
-> Group discussion
-> Role plays
-> Extempore
-> Debates
-> Presentations
-> Many more interactive activities

About Us

Bright Future specializes in training on IELTS and Spoken English and is established to help candidates to obtain a satisfactory IELTS score so that they can chase their dream of studying abroad.