Why study in new zealand?

A country that guarantees adventure yet a relaxed pace of life, with a population of only 4.6 million, it’s the place to be. Lush-green forests, snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches and white sand beaches offer you a lot more than breathtaking experiences. Awarded as the World’s second most peaceful country by Global Peace Index in 2017, it offers and friendly and safe environment. With the government agencies monitoring the quality of the education system consistently, it is becoming better than ever with state of art facilities, research-centered courses and globally recognized and valued qualifications. With moderate entry requirements and Permanent Residency option, New Zealand is rapidly carving a niche for itself in the competitive business arena.

Education System:
The following qualifications are provided by the universities in New Zealand-
->Certificates/Diplomas- 1 year
->Bachelors Degree- 3-4 years
->Masters Degree- 1-2 years
->Doctoral Degree- 3 years

February and July are the major intake months but certain institutions have September as well.

Entery Requirements:
The academic requirements vary as per the course and institution.
Language proficiency is to be undertaken compulsorily, the score requirements depend per case.

Work Opportunities
International students get the same legal minimum rights and entitlements as a native of New Zealand does. An international student holding a student visa is allowed to work 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time during scheduled holidays.


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